Sincerely director of the research center "Slavic world" Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Anatolyevich ZhurbaDear friends and supporters!

Anyone who is interested in history who care about the fate of Ukraine and European civilization welcome cooperation. We all stand on the banks of the river and looking at the history of water, trying to grasp the meaning of the past. Under the present circumstances, the dramatic development of independent, democratic Ukraine, its national and spiritual revival reinforced the need to restore impartial history of the Slavic peoples to whose families are Ukrainian. Research Center "Slavic world", which in its structure contains biographical historical laboratory was established in 2010. The subject of his work was the study of the problems of history and culture of the Slavic peoples. The Center aims to popularize the achievements of world Slavic studies of methodological, historiographical studies, demonstration of modern research practices in the context of comparative civilization, returning from oblivion prominent figures of Slavic culture. Work center focused on cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, the organization of joint research projects, conferences and seminars. The site provides for placement of specialized background information and bibliography.