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Sincerely director of the research center "Slavic world" Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Anatolyevich ZhurbaDear friends and supporters!

Anyone who is interested in history who care about the fate of Ukraine and European civilization welcome cooperation. We all stand on the banks of the river and looking at the history of water, trying to grasp the meaning of the past. Under the present circumstances, the dramatic development of independent, democratic Ukraine, its national and spiritual revival reinforced the need to restore impartial history of the Slavic peoples to whose families are Ukrainian. Research Center "Slavic world", which in its structure contains biographical historical laboratory was established in 2010. The subject of his work was the study of the problems of history and culture of the Slavic peoples. The Center aims to popularize the achievements of world Slavic studies of methodological, historiographical studies, demonstration of modern research practices in the context of comparative civilization, returning from oblivion prominent figures of Slavic culture. Work center focused on cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, the organization of joint research projects, conferences and seminars. The site provides for placement of specialized background information and bibliography.

Today Slavs - the most numerous segment of the Indo-European community living in the European continent. With 740 million. EU residents - 300 million. Counted representatives of the Slavic ethnic group. Search optimal conditions for the relationship of the Slavic peoples and their neighbors requires sharing information about their past. A key place in this process historians - reenactors and translator speakers of Slavic civilization. Indeed, according to George. George Orwell: "Who controls the past, controls the future.
The history of the Slavic peoples from 1991 taught at the History Department of the National Pedagogical University. MP Dragomanova a part of history and archeology of the Slavs who operates research center "Slavic world". Open educational specialization - Slavonic aimed at in-depth mastery of history, linguistics, ethnography, art, exploring the social life of the Slavs, their mentality, their monuments of material and spiritual culture. On the basis of the research center "Slavic world" operates student scientific society "Slavonic Studies". We hope that our joint work will help to overcome simplistic, primitive understanding of the craft of the historian and the nature of historical information on the level of skilled mythological narrative and lightweight obtained by research procedures on the basis of vulgar positivism. This in turn will lead to the elimination of historiographical stereotypes that vkarbuvalysya in mass consciousness. Slavic world identified with the population of the Russian Federation, which according to the last official census 82% are Russian or Slavic. However, basic knowledge of geography and ethnology argue that the Slavs were not autochthonous population of Yamalo-Nenets National District, Kabardino-Balkaria, Yakutia (Sakha Republic). And the modern suburbs during the time of Ancient Rus was the residence of Finno-Ugric tribes.
Traditionally the Soviet era Slavs term associated with the so-called eastern Slavs. Associated with this permanent calls for CIS to recover Slavic unity. Thus it is only the Slavs, Soviet Union, and the Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, inhabitants of the Balkans, this unity does not apply. This operation is referred myth ideological basis notorious "Russian World" froward is carried to its "spiritual scrapie", which is the antithesis of humanistic principles of Orthodoxy and demonstrates imperial aggression and double standards. Myths tied to distorted events and fictional characters, are available for a real past history with the aim to replace low-grade substitute, sproektuvavshy it to modern life. To combat this informative special forces aimed decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on June 23, 2015 "On the Research Center of the Russian Federation" for "systematic analysis of problems in relations with Russia, proposals for the national interests of Ukraine." Moreover, history - is not a collection of antiquities, and above all, historical memory. Unlike science based on empirical knowledge and formally opposed faith in his mission story restoring truth and justice is a public repentance. Because human society is based on the morality of it all it all begins and ends. "Last morality without God" - Immanuel Kant once said.

Sincerely director of the research center "Slavic world"
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Anatolyevich Zhurba